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JR Product Vacuum Breaker/Check Valve 571-Vac-Chk-A

  • Installed between water inlet connection and tank flusher
  • Prevents harmful bacteria and waste from entering the hose or water supply system
  • Meets IAPMO standards
  • ASSE 1001-02 requires installation of 6" or more above the highest point of any item connected to the waste tank where the flusher is being installed
JR Product Hot Water Tank Diverter Valve - DVH-1-A

  • Most commonly used for winterizing and storage
  • Bypasses the water flow of water from entering the hot water tank
  • Identified by the 'red' operating handle
JR Product Fresh Water Fill Diverter Valve - DVF-1-A

  • This unit is taking the place of a gravity water fill on newer units
  • Diverts water from the city water fill to the fresh water holding tank
  • Identified by the 'blue' operating handle
JR Product Winterizing Diverter Valve - DVW-1-A

  • Switches water source from normal fresh water to an antifreeze source
  • Identified by the 'white' operating handle
JR Product Tank Flush Diverter Valve Kit - DVT-1-A

  • Diverts water from city water inlet to holding tank for cleaning
  • Identified by 'black' operating handle
  • Instructions included