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JR Product Vacuum Breaker/Check Valve 571-Vac-Chk-A

  • Installed between water inlet connection and tank flusher
  • Prevents harmful bacteria and waste from entering the hose or water supply system
  • Meets IAPMO standards
  • ASSE 1001-02 requires installation of 6" or more above the highest point of any item connected to the waste tank where the flusher is being installed
JR Product Winterizing Diverter Valve - DVW-1-A

  • Switches water source from normal fresh water to an antifreeze source
  • Identified by the 'white' operating handle
JR Product Hot Water Tank Diverter Valve - DVH-1-A

  • Most commonly used for winterizing and storage
  • Bypasses the water flow of water from entering the hot water tank
  • Identified by the 'red' operating handle
JR Product Fresh Water Fill Diverter Valve - DVF-1-A

  • This unit is taking the place of a gravity water fill on newer units
  • Diverts water from the city water fill to the fresh water holding tank
  • Identified by the 'blue' operating handle
JR Product Tank Flush Diverter Valve Kit - DVT-1-A

  • Diverts water from city water inlet to holding tank for cleaning
  • Identified by 'black' operating handle
  • Instructions included