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Power Cord Adapter 30A Male / 50A Female 18" Long 16-00554

VOLTEC Power Cord Adapter; Traditional Series; For Connecting RV Power Inlet To Generator Power Source; 30 Amp Plug And 50 Amp Receptacle; STW Type Wire; Black; 30 Amp; 18 Inch Length; Without Lock; Not Water Proofed; Without Light End; Without Handle
Valterra 30 Amp Male Replacement Plug A10-P30VP Valterra 30 Amp Female Replacement Plug A10-R30VP
Camco 55245 -- 30a Male Replacement Plug Camco 55343 -- 30a Female Replacement Plug Camco 55353 -- 50 Amp Female Replacement Plug
Camco 55255 -- 50 Amp Male Replacement Plug Valterra 50 Amp Male Replacement Plug A10-P50VP Valterra 50 Amp Female Replacement Plug A10-R50VP
Marineco 20 Amp 125V Straight Blade Female Connector - 5369CRV

for use with 20A 125V Straight Power Inlet 200BBIW.RV
30ARVKIT -- RV Marine 30 Amp Powercord Conversion Kit

Converts hard wired RV power hook-up to detachable power hook-up quickly and easily.

Make connections hassle free.

After installing the inlet on the side of the RV, the original power cord that came with the RV can be modified by installing the connector and cover on the severed end.

Detachable power allows you to use a variety of power cords and adapters to make hook-up easier.

High quality marine grade construction means durability.

Easy Lock System makes for secure connections.

30 Amp Kit contains: Power inlet, Female connector, Weatherproof cover and everything needed for easy install.