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RV Park Adapter 15 Amp To 30 Amp - RV15M30FDT

Detachable RV Power Cord With Locking Ring for 15 to 30 Amp Service

Constructed with heavy-duty cable and watertight connection for safe, outdoor use
Valterra 12 inch long 30amp Molded RV Cord Adapter - A10-3030HDVP

This 12″ detachable dogbone style cord adapts 30 amp power for use with 30 amp RV. Detachable female receptacle with ring and finger grip male plug makes hooking up the RV to campground power easy and convenient.

30 amp male plug – 30 amp female locking receptacle
Detachable adapter with female ring
Heavy duty cable designed for outdoor use
3 Wire, 10 Gauge
Marinco 12 inch long 30amp Molded RV Cord Adapter - 1PCMRV

ParkPower by Marinco 30A Adapter, 125-V. 30A straight blade (2-pole, 3-wire) RV plug with 30A female locking connector. Includes Easy Lock ring and threaded ring for connector. 30A Male RV to 30A Locking Female.
Camco 90 degree Locking Electrical Adapter

50 Amp Male 50 Amp Female 55572

90 degree connector reduces strain on the cord and allows easier connection in tight places

Threaded locking ring helps to create a weatherproof connection. Patented and patent pending. 50F/M Locking, 18 inch
Marinco RV Park Adapter 15 Amp To 30 Amp With Led

Connect RVs with 30A locking service with 15A household power

• LED Power indicator light
• Perfect for running small amounts of power to RV
• Comfort grip connector

RV Park Adapter 15 Amp To 50 Amp 150SPPRV

50 Amp locking connector with 15A straight blade plug.
124ARV -- ADAPTER, RV/Marine 50A Twist/30A Male 12" Long

Allows Marinco style 50 amp, 125 or 250 volt cord set plug into a 30 amp, 125 volt RV straight blade receptacle, 1 foot long.